Accredited schools
The following schools are members of the EEAA whose programmes are fully compliant with the EEAA standards and have undergone the required review procedures outlined in the EEAA Manual. These schools also submit an Annual Progress Report.



Evangelikale Akademie (Vienna)  Accredited Certificate, Diploma, Vocational Bachelor


Biblisch-Theologische Akademie Wiedenest – (Bergneustadt) Accredited Certificate, Diploma, Vocational Bachelor

Theologisches Seminar Adelshofen – (Eppingen) Accredited Vocational Bachelor

European Theological Seminary – (Freudenstadt-Kniebis) Accredited Vocational Bachelor

BibelStudienKolleg  (Königsfeld) Accredited Diploma, Vocational Bachelor

Bibelschule Brake  (Lemgo/Brake) Accredited Vocational Bachelor

Theologisches Seminar Rheinland (Uberkonfessionelles Studienzentrum im Neues Leben e.V.) (Wölmersem) Accredited Certificate, Diploma, Vocational Bachelor, Vocational Master

Akademie für Weltmission (Korntal)  Accredited Vocational Bachelor

European Nazarene College (Büsingen) Accredited Certificate and Diploma


Greek Bible Institute – (Pikermi) Accredited Vocational Bachelor


Israel College of the Bible (Jerusalem) Accredited Certificate (x2), Vocational Bachelor and Vocational Master (x2)


Istituto Biblico Evangelico Italiano (Roma) Accredited Certificate, Vocational Bachelor (not operational as of 2012)


Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary (Amman) Accredited Certificate, Vocational Bachelor and Vocational Master


Arab Baptist Theological Seminary – (Beirut) Certificate, Vocational Bachelor, Postgraduate Certificate, Vocational Master, Academic Master


Tyndale Theological Seminary (Badhoevedorp) Accredited Vocational Master (180 and 120 ECTS)

Cornerstone Center for Intercultural Studies (Beugen) Accredited Certificate, Diploma


Seminàrio Teològico Baptista (Lisbon) Vocational Bachelor

Portuguese Bible Institute (Lisbon) Vocational Bachelor


Eastern European Bible College (Oradea) Accredited Vocational Bachelor


Örebro School of Theology (Örebro) Accredited Vocational Bachelor

Lutheran School of Theology (Götheborg) Accredited Certificate, Academic Bachelor,


Institut Biblique et Missionaire Emmaus (St. Légier) Accredited Vocational Bachelor

Seminar für biblische Theologie Beatenberg (Beatenberg) Accredited Vocational Bachelor

Theologisches Seminar Bienenberg (Liestal) Accredited Certificate (not operational as of 2014), Vocational Bachelor (not operational as of 2014), Post Graduate Certificate, Vocational Master


Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary (Kiev) Accredited Vocational Bachelor (x2), Vocational Master

United Kingdom

Tilsley College, (Motherwell – Scotland) Accredited Certificate, Diploma

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