Since the EEAA Council acts for an autonomous and voluntary association of evangelical institutions of biblical and theological training, its decisions cannot be put in question by appeal to public law or to public courts. Two levels of appeal are available to a school that does not agree with a decision made by the Council.

First Level appeals must be made in written form to the Council itself though the Coordinator. The Council will discuss the appeal and reply in written form to the school. If necessary a visit or other forms of personal contact will be organized.

If the first level appeal is not satisfactory, the school may write a Second Level appeal to the General Assembly of the EEAA that meets every two years. Second level appeals should be sent to the Coordinator and brought to the General Assembly which will designate an ad hoc committee to deal with the specific appeal. Both the Council and the school must submit to the decision of this committee. Failure to do so will cause the re-election of the Council or the exclusion of the school from membership. Once the appeal procedure is complete, the ad hoc committee will disband.

All appeal procedures and relative results and statistics will be published on the EEAA website.

Procedure approved by the General Assembly, 2007


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