Accreditation procedures

The EEAA programme accreditation procedures and standards are published in the EEAA Manual (see Download Area).  What follows is a brief synopsis.

  • Membership. The first step toward programme accreditation is membership in the EEAA. To do this a school must submit a Membership Application Form and provide the required documentation.  With this documentation in hand, the EEAA Council deliberates on Membership and advises the school on how to proceed.
  • Candidacy. The school must send in a Preliminary Questionnaire which will give the EEAA Council the grounds to decide on a Candidacy Visit and successively deliberate on Candidate status for the school.
  • Accreditation.  The school prepares and sends in a thorough Self-Evaluation Report as outlined in the EEAA Manual.  The EEAA Council receives this Self-Evaluation Report and decides on an Accreditation Visit. If there are no notations after this second on-site visitation, the Council will deliberate on programme and institutional accreditation for that school.
  • Accreditation maintenance.  Accredited schools must send in an Annual Progress Report every year to which the EEAA Council will respond and deliberate on accreditation confirmation.

Schools may write to the EEAA Coordinator and request a Courtesy Visit in order to obtain information of clarifications regarding EEAA membership and accreditation.  The EEAA Council may also take the initiative to offer an Orientation Visit to a school. In the latter case no visitation fees apply.

Full Full explanation of the stages, procedures and the standards that must be achieved to obtain accreditation can be found in the EEAA Manual.

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