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Positive VLUHR review for ETF Leuven

Last week ETF Leuven received a very positive report from the visitation commission of the Council for Flemish Universities and Colleges of Higher Education (VLUHR). The theological programs have been rated as ‘good’ for all quality guarantees, which means that they have systematically surpassed basic quality. This puts ETF among the top university theological programs … Continue reading

ABTS Beirut Runs New MENA Islam Module in Masters of Religion program

This October the Institute of Middle East Studies (IMES) of the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS) in Lebanon is launching a new module as part of its Master of Religion in Middle Eastern and North African Studies (MRel in MENA Studies) program, MENA Islam. MENA Islam will be co-taught by internationally respected evangelical scholars

JETS moves to new campus in Amman

Many greetings from Amman, Jordan. Please find the latest JETS Journal complete with our exciting update on the move to the new campus. Dr. Imad Shehadeh

Critical news from UETS – Kiev

Dear brothers and sisters, friends and partners, In view of the critical situation which is taking place in Ukraine, we ask you to pray for us daily. More than million people filled the streets of Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, to stand for their rights and freedom after the president Viktor Yanukovich refused to sign an … Continue reading

ABTS Beirut News

This year, God entrusted us with 18 news students coming from such diverse locations Algeria,Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Sudan and Yemen. In the November newsletter you will read stories shared by our first year students about their journeys with God prior to joining ABTS. You will also read about the first courses given during the academic year 2013-2014 and about the recent student’s … Continue reading

Tyndale-Giessen collaboration with church planting emphasis

Tyndale Theological Seminary and Freie Theologische Hogeschool Gießen have been working collaboratively these past few years. Tyndale has appreciated the church planting emphasis that Dr. Stephen Beck offers. He spoke at Tyndale’s chapel for a special week devoted to church planting in the spring semester of 2012. The following January 2013, Tyndale sent 10 students … Continue reading

News from STB Portugal

We are grateful for this opportunity to share news and significant developments in our school and also to ask for your prayers with relation to areas of need.  Our school this year celebrates 44 years of age and offers the Vocational Bachelor’s course. This year there are 29 students in our headquarters in Lisbon (Queluz) … Continue reading

ABTS Lebanon news

We are pleased to share with you our October 2013 Newsletter, which includes part two of our students’ summer ministry stories – stories on God’s Church in Syria, Iraq, Sudan and Morocco. For part one and part three of summer ministry stories, visit www.abtslebanon.org. You will also be introduced to the blog posts of the “Institute of Middle East … Continue reading

Convocation at Tyndale Theological Seminary

We are pleased to share our latest newsletter that focuses on Convocation. Convocation is a celebration at the start of the school year that allows us to focus on Tyndale as a family. We commit ourselves to each other and to the Lord – that we will strive to love the Lord our God with all … Continue reading

Romanian Centre of Cross-Cultural Studies, Costanta

We are pleased to share CRST’s latest Newsletter. During September there have been so many events here at school and as we look back and count our blessings we feel it is right to share them with you, too! Thank you for your prayers, encouragements and direct involvement. CRST is a (non-accredited) EEAA Member school.

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